Sa Online Poker


Some people like to think that somehow, because we’re out here on the tip of Africa or something, we’re behind the rest of the world. I suppose that in some respects this attitude may have some truth in it, but people who promote this perspective are clearly forgetting about the power of the internet.

A great example of what I mean is South African online poker. Poker has always been popular, but it’s been experiencing enormous growth around the world that started with Chris Moneymaker winning the World Series of Poker, having only ever played poker online before. Suddenly everyone realised, hey, if he can do it, so can I.

And so online poker rooms began springing up everywhere on the internet, and there are now a good number of really great SA online poker rooms to choose from that rank with the best worldwidea with most of them accepting our local currency, the SA rand/ZAR.

Here’s a quick explanation of how the online poker game works, assuming you’re a complete novice and are just interested in the game. Alternatively, Play our Free Texas Holdem Poker game – no download & no deposit needed!

Poker is, in our opinion, a game of skill. It has a strong element of chance in that you must play the hand you are dealt, but the game lies in how you play the hand. The winner in a round of poker is the person with the best hand. We don’t have space to describe them all here, but basically there are combinations of cards that are more powerful than others, from the basic Pair up to the Royal Flush.

At the beginning of a round, the computer deals you two “hole” cards that only you can see. Based on the strength of these cards, a round of betting begins. You must either “call” (match the bet of other players) or “raise” (make a higher bet). Of course, if you’ve been dealt rubbish, you can “fold”, and sit the hand out.

The computer then deals “the flop”, which is three cards face up on the virtual table. You can use any cards on the table with the cards you’re holding to complete a poker hand – but so can your opponents.


Another round of betting takes place, and the computer deals the fourth – or “turn” – table card. Another round of betting, and then the computer deals the fifth and final “river” card. After a final round of betting, the players reveal their cards and the strongest hand wins.


On the face of it, you’d think it would be down to the cards, but the skill of the game comes in convincing the other players through your pattern of play and through the manner in which you wager, that your cards are better than theirs, forcing them to fold rather than risk further wagers. Most poker hands end with players folding out long before the river card.The action at SA online poker rooms is thick and fast, and whatever time of day or night you log on, you are guaranteed to find some of the best standard of poker games in the world being played.