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Online Casinos Accepting Pay by Phone

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To complete online payments, you often need access to a credit/card or bank account with online banking. However, only some have access to this. Enter pay by phone, a technology that powers online payments without requiring a credit card or bank account. Pay by phone, as the name implies, uses your mobile phone number to allow payments that are credited or debited from the balance on your number.

As is standard for most online payment methods used by online casinos, pay by phone is now included, among other options, in many countries. But is pay by phone a practical and safe option in South Africa?

In this article, we briefly examine South African online casinos that support pay by phone payments and whether the method is worth trying. Read on to learn more about pay by phone casinos in South Africa, like Springbok Casino.

Top Pay by Phone Casinos Online South Africa

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Everything You Need to Know About Pay by Phone

Pay by phone is another name for mobile banking, which involves using registered SIM cards instead of a bank account to allow payments for online services and products. Pay by phone services are also used for peer-to-peer money transfers between family and friends.

Pay by phone/mobile banking is an innovation for the billions of people worldwide without access to banks or online banking. Since phones and cellular networks are so prevalent, they offer an excellent alternative to banking services.

Please do note that pay by phone is not the same as "PaybyPhone" which is an online parking payment service available in a handful of countries. Pay by phone here refers exclusively; to online casino payments using your phone bill.

Numerous payment methods have been attempted, with varying levels of success, to leverage pay by phone systems throughout the years. Boku is a superb example of a successful mobile phone payment method at online casinos in Europe and the United Kingdom.

In South Africa, Vodafone introduced mPesa in 2010 as a mobile bankless payment. However, despite its enormous success in Kenya and the East African region, mPesa South Africa was a flop, leading to its discontinuation in 2017.

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"Online casinos accepting pay-by-phone are revolutionizing the gambling scene in South Africa. For South African players, this shift signifies more than convenience; it's a move towards greater inclusivity, allowing individuals without traditional banking facilities to participate in online gambling. This approach challenges the notion that online gambling is reserved for the tech-savvy or the financially well-off, opening up the digital casino doors to a broader audience. It's a bold step towards democratizing online gambling, making it a more accessible and secure option for all South Africans."

Melissa Kruger

Pay by Phone Bill Gambling Guidelines

Pay by phone at online casinos is commonly used to make deposits. Instead of a bank account or credit card, you can make a deposit using your current phone call credit. The primary benefit of this technique is that you do not need a credit card or a bank account to gamble at an online casino.

Pay by phone is also a great alternative if you want to avoid providing personal financial information to an online gaming website.

Furthermore, you usually have to submit your phone number for casino user registration and account verification. Keeping the same phone number for phone bill deposits at casinos reduces the data you share.

Pay-by-phone solutions are also extremely simple and comfortable to use. Making an immediate deposit at the online casino takes only a few clicks on your smartphone. It is an excellent alternative if you are mainly interested in mobile casino games.

However, the method has some significant drawbacks. Players cannot use it for withdrawals since it does not comply with the financial regulations of online gaming. Withdrawals necessitate KYC and a confirmed bank account, which you will be required to give if you win large at online casinos. For smaller transactions, mobile pay by phone bill allows you to make fast cash deposits.

You will require a postpaid connection, where the phone provider will bill you monthly. The casino deposit made by phone will be included in this bill. The method works similarly to a credit card in that you receive cash now and pay it back at the end of the month.

The most significant drawback of paying by phone is the scarcity of payment options. Popular choices such as Boku, while accessible at several top South African online casinos, are not offered to South African residents. To use this function, you must be in the United Kingdom or one of the EU member states.

South Africa did have a pay-by-phone system called Vodafone mPesa, and several casinos accepted it (many still do, but only for players from Kenya and a few other African countries).

In South Africa, mPesa was terminated in 2017 owing to low demand and various regulations.

As of the time of writing, no significant pay-by-phone casino payment option is currently accessible to South African players. Casinos provide mobile deposit methods, but most are only available if you live in Europe or North America.

How to Use Pay by Phone – The Basics

Paying via phone is quite straightforward. All you need is a smartphone (any device running iOS or Android) and a registered and valid SIM card in your name. You won't need a bank account, credit card, or other payment option.

The method is entirely based on SMS and your monthly phone bill. Any internet transactions or casino deposits are charged to your phone bill at the end of every month. Like a credit card, the phone provider can enforce spending limitations depending on your spending habits.

You do not need to install or download any particular apps to complete a pay by phone transaction. SMS powers the entire system. Some telecom operators have enabled the option on their apps, which you may use to monitor your impending bills, spending limitations, and so on. It is beneficial but not obligatory.

Depositing to Casinos With Pay by Phone

Paying via phone is easy and allows anyone to make a casino payment in just a few simple steps. The method may differ somewhat depending on your cell service provider, but the core formula stays the same:

  • Log in to your casino using your account password.
  • Go to the cashier area and click on deposits.
  • Select pay by phone bill as your chosen option.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Provide your cell number and confirm other relevant data. The casino will send an SMS to your phone number.
  • You must then authorize the payment using the link provided.
  • An additional SMS will inform you that the payment has been made.

Your funds should be in the casino within minutes. You may now play your preferred real money slots. The deposit can be paid later, at the end of the month, along with your usual phone bill.

Using Pay by Phone for Casino Withdrawals

As previously stated, pay by phone options does not support casino withdrawals. This payment option is only appropriate for making minor cash deposits at some casinos. You need a bank account for huge casino wins, and because many pay by phone accounts do not have associated bank accounts, they are ruled out as viable withdrawal options.

The casino will ask you for a functional bank account number in your name for withdrawals. You may also have alternative viable withdrawal options given to you.

Pay by Phone Pros & Cons

Paying via phone is not the most common payment option in the online casino market. It is a specialized strategy popular in areas where fewer individuals have bank accounts. It is only used sporadically in developed regions like South Africa, where most individuals have a bank account. From the standpoint of a casino player, the following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of pay by phone.

  • Check IconThis is a quick and easy way to deposit funds.
  • Check IconNo bank account information is revealed.
  • Check IconThe technique used is highly secured.
  • Check IconDeposits can be made and paid off later.
  • Check IconIt can also be used for other online transactions.
  • Close IconYou can't use it for withdrawals.
  • Close IconThe fees charged may sometimes be higher than other options.
  • Close IconSouth Africans can no longer use it.

Can You Gamble with Airtime in South Africa?

The short answer is yes - you can use Airtime to gamble in South Africa! Airtime works very similarly to standard pay by phone options for some online casinos in South Africa, in that you can deposit but not withdraw with it. You will have to check with each casino, but some of the best South African online casinos such as Supabets do indeed offer Airtime as a payment option.

Supabets is a South African friendly online casino & sportsbook with loads of exciting features and promotions. It's one of the best online gambling options for players based in South Africa. It offers casino games, betting on a range of different sports and events, and lotto services. Supabets is easy to bank with in general, but it allows SA players to gamble with airtime too.

Play With Airtime

Our Verdict: Why Use Pay by Phone at SA Online Casinos

Paying by phone is an effective method of online casino transactions. It is secure, reliable, and convenient. If you don't want casino bills to appear on your bank account/card (but don't mind them being on your phone bill!), you could be compelled to adopt it as a deposit option.

However, pay by phone is intended for people who do not have a credit card or a bank account. It is targeted at digital inclusion, which allows even the unbanked to enjoy casino games. The issue from a South African casino payment standpoint is that most online casinos do not currently accept pay by phone.

We will update this post if new mobile bill payment alternatives emerge in South African casinos in the coming years. However, in the meantime, if you prefer safe and private payment options, we propose e-wallets such as PayPal/Skrill/Neteller/ecoPayz. If you're interested in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum are both viable options.

Pay by Phone Online Casino FAQ

Is pay by phone a safe payment method?

Pay by phone is completely safe as it relies on your mobile SIM. The authorization must come from your mobile phone whenever you make a deposit. No one else can use this account – if they try, you will get the SMS on your phone. Also, this method is usually supported and secured by your mobile phone network, which is a highly trusted entity.

Why can't I use to pay by phone for withdrawals?

Withdrawals at online casinos are subject to strict financial regulations. Casinos must perform strict customer KYC – check the player ID and bank account details – before giving out cash payments. Pay by phone deposit does not qualify as it does not link to a bank account or other financial system. Also, sending huge sums to your mobile phone bill is impractical – you will need a separate bank account.

How fast are pay by phone deposits?

Like most other casino deposit methods, pay by phone is incredibly fast. The money will reach your casino account once you verify the payment SMS. It is an instant payment method.

Are there any extra fees associated with pay by phone?

The bill for any pay by phone casino deposit is added to your phone bill at the end of the month. For this process, your phone company will certainly charge extra processing fees and interest rates if applicable. The actual fees will vary depending on the pay by phone service.

Can I use pay by phone with a prepaid SIM?

Some services like Boku allow you to pay using your prepaid phone balance. Always check your credit balance and the service rules before attempting such payments.

When should I use pay by phone for casino payments?

Pay by phone is a great option for casino players who don’t have a bank account or don’t want to use one for gambling. Use your phone SIM instead and get the added convenience of depositing even if you don’t have ready cash – you can pay later with your monthly phone bills!

When should I not use pay by phone for casino payments?

Do you make large cash deposits? Do you want a payment method that supports both deposits and withdrawals? In all these instances, pay by phone service is not the best option for you. Try e-wallets or credit cards instead.

What is a pay by phone online casino?

It is a casino that allows you to make deposits using your mobile phone number. Popular payment methods that allow this include Boku. Many South Africa online casinos based in the EU/UK have this payment option.

Can I use pay by phone at South Africa online casinos?

In the past, many African casinos offered mPesa payments. But mPesa is no longer active in South Africa – Vodafone was forced to shut down the service. As of the time of writing, there is no pay-by-phone payment methods available to South African casino players.

Can I bet with Airtime?

Online gambling with Airtime is another payment method available for South African players, but not all online casinos accept this banking option. For instance, you can gamble with airtime at Supabets, an established and reputable SA casino with loads of casino games and a sportsbook.

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