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Can casinos predict human behaviour?

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Rudie Venter
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Casinos use a combination of psychology, mathematics, and technology to predict human behavior, with the primary goal of maximizing game engagement. It's not just about making money for casinos, but also about providing entertainment that will keep patrons coming back for more.

Online casinos track user behaviour for safety and security reasons, but also because they want you to have a tailormade experience at the online casino of your choice. Not only will they gather the needed information to see that you are a real person of legal age to gamble, but also to protect you from fraud. Predicting human behaviour is an almost impossible task since humans and their behaviour can vary greatly. That is why the casino industry spends a lot of time and money testing, tracking and trying to predict human behaviour.

How Do Casinos Try To Predict Human Behaviour?

Here are some of the ways that casinos deploy to better understand human behaviour to make casinos a safe and enjoyable experience:

Data Analysis

Casinos collect vast amounts of data on their patrons. This includes information on how much money people are spending, which games they play, when they play, and how long they stay. By analyzing this data, casinos can identify patterns and trends in player behavior. If there is a sudden spike in a player's behaviour, it might be a sign of gambling addiction or fraud. It could prompt further investigation by the casino.

Player Tracking Systems

Many casinos use player loyalty programs and player tracking systems. These programs provide incentives for players to use loyalty cards or apps that track their activity. This data helps casinos understand individual player preferences and can tailor offers and casino bonuses to keep players engaged.

Game Design

Casino games are meticulously designed to be enticing and engaging. Slot machines, for example, use algorithms and random number generators to create near misses and big wins, which keeps players playing longer.

Environmental Factors

The layout and ambiance of a casino are carefully designed to encourage specific behaviors. The use of bright lights, music, and free drinks creates a pleasurable atmosphere that can encourage playing more for longer.

Compulsive Gambling Recognition

Casinos also train their staff to recognize signs of compulsive gambling. Online casinos has AI that helps track compulsive gambling behaviour. If a patron is showing signs of addiction or financial trouble, the casino may intervene and offer assistance or limit their access to gambling.

Predictive Analytics

Casinos use predictive analytics to anticipate player behavior. By studying past behavior, they can make educated guesses about what a player is likely to do next. For instance, if a player has been losing consistently, the casino might offer them a special promotion to encourage further play.

Security Measures

Surveillance systems in casinos are highly advanced, with cameras covering nearly every inch of the gaming floor. This helps casinos monitor player behavior for any signs of cheating or suspicious activity. Online casinos make use of SSL encryption technologies to protect user data, payment information and other personal data.

Risk Management

Casinos employ skilled mathematicians and statisticians to calculate the odds and probabilities of different games. They use this information to ensure that players have a fair chance to win.

A/B Testing

Both online casinos and land based casinos sometimes conduct A/B testing. They may, for example, try different designs, layouts or lighting in certain sections of the casino or online casino games and measure which one leads to increased player spending.

Marketing and Promotions

Casinos use targeted marketing and promotions to influence player behavior. They send personalized offers, such as free play or discounted hotel rooms, to entice players to return to the casino. How players engage with these offers are also tracked to help casinos offer targeted promotions for specific players.

How Do Casinos Influence Behavior?

Flashing lights, the music and the sounds can all influence human behaviour. There are too many factors in the equation to pin point what exactly a casino can do to influence behaviour, but they do try to predict human behaviour. It's not always as simple as the house wanting the edge at all time, but often times casinos spend millions to track and asses human behaviour to help protect players from irresponsible behaviour, or to prevent criminals from taking advantage of gamblers. It's not a perfect science, since humans are still individuals that all behave differently.  But with a big enough data set trends will always emerge and casinos aim to use the data they gather to improve the casino experience and the overall safety of patrons.

Check out the video below for some more interesting insights into how casinos do research to help them better predict human behaviour.

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