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How to Play Egyptian Dreams Deluxe — Demo, Tips & Strategies

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Hollywoodbets’ Spina Zonke collection of over 400 games is pretty impressive. In fact, we have already reviewed several of these titles, all of which have scored well. One of the most popular games in the collection is Egyptian Dreams, a game so successful that its software developerHabanero, decided to create a sequel – Egyptian Dreams Deluxe.

Much like its predecessor, Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, is a 5-reel progressive jackpot slot with a theme inspired by ancient Egypt. But if you’re a fan of big Hollywood blockbusters, you know that the sequel always needs to be bigger and better than the original. Just look at Terminator and its sequel T2 – Judgement Day for proof. And Egyptian Dreams Deluxe definitely blows the original out of the water.

While the Egyptian Dreams slots has an RTP of 96.08%, Egyptian Dreams Deluxe slot comes in with a very impressive RTP of 97%. That’s pretty good but here’s what really sets the games apart – Egyptian Dreams has 25 paylines while there are up to 3,125 different ways to win when you’re playing Egyptian Dreams Deluxe!

If that tasty bit of info has whet your appetite and you want to know more about Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, you’re in the right place! Read on as we tell you everything you need to know about this game, including how to play it, tips and hints to give you the best chance of winning, what the different symbols are and what they’re worth, what the bonuses and features are, and much, much more!

  • Check IconSequel to a successful game
  • Check IconA familiar while offering several exciting features
  • Check IconOver 3,125 different ways to win
  • Check IconAn impressive RTP of 97%
  • Close IconCan be a bit confusing for newer players
  • Close IconNo traditional paylines

How to Play Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Slot

Seeing as there are over 3,000 different ways that you can actually win while playing Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, we can’t really sit here and give you a full breakdown of all the different combos you need to look for. What we can tell is that there are two different types of symbols – high-value symbols and low-value symbols. Your best chance of scoring big wins is by matching three to five high-value symbols across your five reels. The more symbols you match, the more you’ll win.

If you’re new to the world of online casinos and slots like Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, fear not! Just follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be playing like a pro in minutes!

Egyptian dreams deluxe screenshot 2

The first thing you need to decide is where you’re going to be playing Egyptian Dreams Deluxe. So far, it seems that you can choose to play at either Hollywoodbets, where it’s part of the Spina Zonke collection of games, or over at Betway. For the purposes of this review, we’ll be focussing on playing Egyptian Dreams Deluxe at Hollywoodbets.

Choose Your Casino

  1. Not all online casino sites in South Africa are created equal. We suggest you use Hollywoodbets website and log into your account. You’ll need to make sure that you have enough funds in your account to play Egyptian Dreams Deluxe
  2. Look for the SPINA ZONKE button on the right-hand side of the screen and click it. 
  3. Type Egyptian Dreams Deluxe into the search bar and click on the game card

Understand the Symbols

  1. Once the game loads, click on the little “i” icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to read the different info cards
    1. The first card covers all of the high-value symbols and what you’ll win if you match three, four, or five of them
    2. The second card covers the low-value symbols and what you’ll win when three, four, or five of them
    3. The next card covers the bonus symbols, what you’ll win for matching it two, three, flour, or five times, and the different bonus rules
    4. This card will give you all the details on the feature of Egyptian Dreams Deluxe and how it works
    5. The following card gives you all the info on the Re-Spin feature
    6. Next is a card that covers Free Games
    7. The final card covers a few other rules in the game

Set Your Bet

  1. Before you can start spinning and finally play Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, you’ll need to set your bet. The minimum bet per spin is R0.50 while the maximum is R2,000
    1. You can set the amount you wish to bet on each spin by adjusting either your bet level or coin value
    2. If you’re feeling lucky, are pressed for time, or just have some money that you are not particularly attached to, you can click on the icon with the arrow and coins and bet the maximum amount

Spin Those Wheels!

  1. Once you’ve set your bet amount, you’re ready to play and can start spinning the reels by hitting the PLAY button
    1. If you don’t want to have to hit PLAY on each spin you can use the auto-play feature. To activate this feature, simply click on the circle icon next to the PLAY button. You can then decide how many spins you want to have automated – 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, or 500. You can also choose to have the auto-play feature pause if you trigger the Free Game feature

  2. You can adjust the music and sound effects of the game by clicking on the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen.

Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Tips and Strategy

  1. Know the game

Yes, we know that it’s exciting when you play something like the Egyptian Dreams Deluxe slot machine for the first time and you can’t wait to start playing but we highly recommend that you spend some time researching the game first. And luckily for you, this review is one of the best places you could be for that! But you should also check out the game's info cards, where you can learn about the different symbols, payouts, bonus features, how they work, etc.

  1. Set your limits

First things first – never play with more than you’re comfortable losing. If you’re winning, you might want to set yourself a cashout amount. Yes, that does take some of the fun out of playing but we all know that a winning run can soon switch to a cold run that leaves you with nothing.

  1. Play the Egyptian Dreams Deluxe demo

To get a real taste of the game, start with the Egyptian Dreams Deluxe demo before playing at real money casinos. After all, you could read this review and decide that it sounds like your ideal game only for the game to load and you discover that you can’t stand the soundtrack!

Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Demo

Want to give Egyptian Dreams Deluxe slot a go before playing for real money? Play for free with the Egyptian Dreams Deluxe demo version below…

Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Symbols

As you would expect of a game called Egyptian Dreams Deluxe slot, all of the symbols in this game are inspired by ancient Egypt. These symbols can be split into three categories – special symbols, high-value symbols, and low-value symbols. So, let’s take a closer look at all of the symbols you’ll find playing Egyptian Dreams Deluxe starting with…

Special Symbols in Egyptian Dreams

The Pharaoh

The Pharoah acts as the Wild in Egyptian Dreams Deluxe. During normal, there are three rows with two inactive rows, filled with Scarab tiles above them. If you land a Pharoah below one of these Scarabs, he will reach out and activate the Scarab. The more Scarabs that are active, the better your chances of matching symbols and getting a payout. It also substitutes all symbols apart from the Pyramid.

  • Five matches = 500 your wager
  • Four matches = 150 your wager
  • Three matches = 10 your wager

The Pyramid

The Pyramid is the bonus symbol in Egyptian Dreams Deluxe slot. Any wins with a Pyramid are multiplied by your total bet and are added to your way wins. During Normal Play, this symbol pays if it matches left to right but if you’re in Featured Play, they can match anywhere across the play grid.

  • Five matches = 2,500 your wager
  • Four matches = 250 your wager
  • Three matches = 50 your wager
  • Two matches = 25 your wager

Egyptian dreams deluxe high win symbolsHigh-Value Symbols in Egyptian Dreams Deluxe

<!-- The Queen --><!-- The Sphinx --><!-- Eye of Horus --><!-- Pleasure Raft -->

High-Value Symbols in Egyptian Dreams Deluxe
SymbolNo. of MatchesPayout Based on Your Wager
The QueenFive matches500x
Four matches150x
Three matches10x
The SphinxFive matches250x
Four matches100x
Three matches10x
Eye of HorusFive matches200x
Four matches75x
Three matches10x
Pleasure RaftFive matches200x
Four matches75x
Three matches10x

Egyptian dreams deluxe low win symbolsLow-Value Symbols in Egyptian Dreams Deluxe

<!-- Royal Scroll --><!-- Camel --><!-- Royal Cat --><!-- Ankh --><!-- Scorpion --><!-- Bird -->

Low-Value Symbols in Egyptian Dreams Deluxe
SymbolNo. of MatchesPayout Based on Your Wager
Royal ScrollFive matches150x
Four matches60x
Three matches5x
CamelFive matches150x
Four matches60x
Three matches5x
Royal CatFive matches100x
Four matches50x
Three matches5x
AnkhFive matches150x
Four matches60x
Three matches5x
ScorpionFive matches50x
Four matches15x
Three matches5x
BirdFive matches50x
Four matches15x
Three matches5x

Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Bonus Features

Unlock Feature

Egyptian dreams deluxe bonusLand a Pharoah directly beneath a Scarab in the Egyptian Dream Deluxe slot and that spot will unlock. The more Scarabs you unlock, the better your chances of scoring a big payout. Unlock all of the Scarabs and you now have 3,125 ways to win!

Free Games Feature

The Free Game feature activates once you unlock all of the Scarabs. Once it’s activated, you’ll receive 30 free games. Any extra free games you win during a Re-Spin will be added to those you’ve already won.

Re-Spin Feature

Match two, three, four, or five Pyramids from left to right and you’ll activate the Re-Spin features. During Re-Spin, the Pyramids become sticky and stay in place while all of the other symbols spin. If you add two or more Pyramids during a Re-Spin, you will activate the Free Games feature.

  • Match five Pyramids = 30 free games
  • Match four Pyramids = 20 free games
  • Match three Pyramids = 15 free games
  • Match two Pyramids = 10 free games

Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Payout and Volatility

Unlike most slots, there are no traditional paylines in Egyptian Dream Deluxe. What you do get is between 243 and 3,125 different ways to win. That is a trade we’d gladly take any day of the week! To secure a payout during regular play, you need to match three or more symbols from left to right. The amount you’ll win depends on which symbols you have matched, how many symbols you’ve matched, and how much you’re betting on each spin.

The RTP for Egyptian Dream Deluxe is a very impressive 97%. This means that if you spend R100 playing Egyptian Dream Deluxe, you should see a return of R97. However, this is just an average and shouldn’t be taken as anything other than a guide. After all, what’d be the point of a game where you’re guaranteed to end with R3 less than you started? The industry standard for slots like this is usually around 95%. The other thing that you need to bear in mind about Egyptian Dream Deluxe is that it’s regarded as being a highly volatile slot. This means that the game doesn’t payout often but when it does, it tends to be for higher amounts.

Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Graphics

Egyptian dreams deluxe screenshotWe like the graphics in Egyptian Dream Deluxe. They have a fun and cartoonish look and the symbols they’ve chosen are unique while being instantly recognisable. The creepy bald cat is a bit much though. The music is what you’d expect in a movie like The Mummy, so it’s pretty much on point. Crucially, it doesn’t get annoying after a while.

Egyptian Dreams Deluxe on Mobile

You can play Egyptian Dream Deluxe from just about any smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop. Since it is HTML5-based, all you need to play is an internet browser and a steady internet connection. Playing the game on a mobile device offers the exact same experience as playing on a desktop and has all of the same features, symbols, etc.  

Should You Play Egyptian Dreams Deluxe?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, we recommend you check out Egyptian Dream Deluxe

  • You played and enjoyed the original Egyptian Dream game
  • You like slots with an Egyptian theme
  • You like games that are a bit different to the norm
  • You like the idea of having 3,125 different ways to win
  • You’re a fan of games made by developer Habanero


What is an RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player and it’s usually expressed as a percentage. For example, the RTP for Egyptian Dreams Deluxe is 97%. This means that for every R100 you spend playing Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, you can expect to see a return of R97. The higher the RTP, the better.

What is Spina Zonke?

Spina Zonke is a collection of over 400 casino games that you can play at Hollywoodbets. We’ve reviewed quite a few games in the collection and you can read our full Spina Zonke review to learn more.

What makes Egyptian Dreams Deluxe different from all of the other slots?

Well, if we had to boil it down to just one thing, we’d say that is the 3,125 different ways to win. After all, the game it’s based on, Egyptian Dreams, only offered 25 paylines.

Where can I play Egyptian Dreams Deluxe in South Africa?

You can play Mystic Fortune Deluxe at Hollywoodbets where it’s a part of their Spina Zonke collection of games or over at Betway.

Where can I find out more about online gambling in South Africa?

You can check out our pages on the best online casinos in South Africa and the casino games you’ll find there. You can also visit the National Gambling Board of South Africa or the Gauteng Gambling Board to learn more about the laws and regulations around online casinos and gambling in South Africa.

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