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Top 6 Online Casino Streamers

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When you think of Twitch, Kick or YouTube Live streaming, you probably think of something like Ninja playing Fortnite. The reality is that streaming platforms and the content that is being live-streamed have changed a lot over the last few years. From gaming streamers, to “Just Chatting” streams, to IRL (in-real-life) streams and now casino streamers.

Although you might think that online casino streaming is new to platforms like Twitch, gambling has been ingrained in even gaming streams of the platform since its origins. Games like CS:GO (or now CouterStrike 2) have had loot boxes for many years. On the surface, you might not immediately recognize the similarities to gambling. Loot boxes, at their core, are very much gambling. Players buy loot boxes or keys to unlock loot boxes at a set price and don’t know what in-game item they might receive when opening their loot box.

In games like CS:GO, many of these in-game items can be worth a lot of money and sold to other players. By spending a smaller amount of money, you could win big. These days, many professional gamers and streamers don’t just open loot boxes on stream. They play actual online casino games like slots and roulette.

Here is a list of some of the most popular online casino streamers. Although not all of them stream online casino games exclusively, it’s interesting to see many streamers these days share the fun they have playing online casino games on their streams.

Top Casino Streamers

Casino StreamerAudience SizeStreaming Platform
ClassyBeef1500 live stream viewersKick.com
xQc40 000 live stream viewersKick.com
Adin Ross50 000 live stream viewersKick.com
Roshtein12 000 live stream viewersKick.com
CasinoDaddy1700 live stream viewersTwitch.com, Kick.com, YouTube.com
Trainwreckstv10 600 live viewersKick.com


ClassyBeef Casino Stream

ClassyBeef is a collective of 6 guys. Online casino streams are what they do exclusively. ClassyBeef only streams their online casino gameplay, unlike other streamers on this list.

ClassyBeef has been streaming since 2019. They are based in Malta and have quite a large viewership on Kick, with 1500-2000 live viewers on their average stream. They mostly play online slots and have had large wins on live streams. While Jonte was playing the Chaos Crew 2 slot game, he struck it big, walking away with roughly R36,026,425.54 when converted to Rands.


xQc Casino Stream on Twitch

xQc first gained popularity in the gaming community as a professional Overwatch player. His esports career started in 2016. At the time, he started streaming live on Twitch regularly. At first, his streams were mostly known for his Overwatch gameplay. In 2019, his professional esports career ended, and he shifted his focus to full-time streaming on Twitch.

Streaming an average of about 8 hours each day, he quickly moved away from just playing Overwatch. He not only played other games but also did “just chatting” streams where he would react to other creators’ content or converse with his viewers. Every now and then, you will see xQc enjoying online casino games on his live stream. He has an average viewership of 40000 viewers. In 2023, he was offered $100 million to stream exclusively on the Kick live streaming platform.

Adin Ross

Adin Ross Slot Stream

Adin Ross gained popularity for streaming himself playing the game NBA 2K. His popularity skyrocketed when he was joined by NBA legend Lebron James on one of his live streams in 2020. He is also a massive GTA Online fan and often plays it on his streams. Occasionally, he will also participate in online casino streaming, playing mostly slot games.

He has 2.3 Million followers on Twitter and 7.5 million followers on Instagram. His average live viewership is over 50000 people. Since February 2023, Ross has been streaming exclusively on Kick after signing a deal for an undisclosed amount.


Roshtein casino stream

Roshtein started streaming in 2016 and almost exclusively streams himself playing online slot games. He has gained a large following and popularity in online casino streamer circles. He streams almost daily and calls himself the “hardest working casino streamer” because he rarely takes days off.

His biggest win ever came while playing the Le Bandit online slot game. After a week of playing only Le Bandit, he hit it big, winning over R93,832,500.00 when converted to Rands.


Casinodaddy casino streamers

CasinoDaddy is a team of three Swedish brothers - Anton, Eric and Matthias Joelsson. They stream online casino gameplay exclusively. They have roughly 1000 live viewers on most of their streams. They take turns streaming, but from time to time, more than one of them will appear on stream playing slots.

The biggest win on a CasinoDaddy stream was R11,573,690.16 when converted to Rands while playing the San Quentin slot game.


TrainwrecksTV casino streamer

Tyler Faraz Niknam is known as the streamer Trainwreckstv. He started his streaming career on Twitch in 2015. After years of streaming on Twitch and getting temporary bans for various Twitch terms of service violations, Niknam co-founded the Kick streaming platform. He moved to Canada in June 2021, since online casinos are largely illegal in the United States.

Although Niknam can sometimes be quite controversial, there is no denying his popularity. He has over 650,000 followers on Twitter and close to 125,000 followers on Instagram. His streams mostly consist of him playing various online casino games while chatting with his audience.

Casino Streamers favourite casinos

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