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Crazy Pachinko

How to Play Crazy Pachinko — Demo, Tips & Strategies

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How to Play Crazy Pachinko

Playing Crazy Pachinko involves a unique blend of slot mechanics and a live game show format. Here's a general guide on how to play Crazy Pachinko:

Phases of Play

Qualification Phase:

This initial stage is played on a 5-reel slot machine with ten active paylines. Your main goal is to land three scatter symbols to qualify for the Pachinko bonus round. Scatters can appear with multipliers that boost potential winnings in the bonus round. Players spin the reels to match symbols across the paylines, similar to traditional slots.

Top-Up Phase:

Once qualified, you can participate in the Top-Up round. This is optional and allows you to increase the multipliers applied in the Pachinko bonus round. This phase involves a mini-slot where each position can contain multipliers. Any multipliers landed here will be added to the final bonus round.

Pachinko Bonus Round:

The Pachinko bonus round features a large physical wall with pegs, and a puck is dropped from the top.

As the puck falls, it hits pegs and changes direction, eventually landing in one of several prize slots at the bottom.

Prizes can include fixed multipliers or a "Double" slot, which doubles the prizes and allows another puck drop.

Your final payout is determined by where the puck lands, with potential multipliers from the qualification and top-up phases applied to your winnings.

Betting and Payouts

The game has a range of betting options from a minimum of €0.10 to a maximum of €3,750.

The maximum payout can reach up to €500,000, making it appealing for those chasing big wins.

Strategic Tips

  • Utilise the Top-Up feature wisely; while it can significantly increase potential payouts, it comes at a high risk.

  • Pay attention to the multipliers associated with scatter symbols during the qualification phase, as they can substantially increase bonus round winnings.

Crazy Pachinko Demo

Unfortunately, no demo is available as this is a live dealer game.

Crazy pachinko

Crazy Pachinko Symbols

In Crazy Pachinko, each symbol on the slot has specific roles, primarily to increase the level of interactivity and excitement of the game. The symbols include:

  • Card Royals: These are standard symbols representing lower values, much like in traditional slots.

  • Cherry and Bell: Typically seen in classic slots, these symbols offer moderate payouts.

  • Wild Symbol: Acts as a substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations, potentially leading to higher payouts.

  • Scatter Symbol: The key to unlocking the bonus rounds. Landing three scatters triggers the Pachinko bonus game. Scatters may also come with multipliers, increasing the value of any wins during the bonus rounds.

These symbols keep the gameplay lively and directly connect to the game’s bonus features.

Crazy Pachinko Paylines

Crazy Pachinko uses a standard slot setup with ten fixed paylines across a 5x3 reel structure. Wins are formed by matching symbols across these paylines, starting from the leftmost reel. Scatter symbols improve gameplay by not requiring alignment along a payline to trigger bonuses; they can activate the bonus game when they appear anywhere on the reels, provided three are visible. This structure is straightforward yet effective, allowing players to easily understand winning combinations while providing the excitement of potentially large payouts through the bonus game.

Crazy Pachinko Payout and Volatility

Crazy Pachinko is known for its high volatility. This level of volatility means that payouts can be very high, but are less frequent. High-volatility games suit players who prefer the excitement of large wins and are comfortable with potentially long stretches without winning. This risk-reward balance is a key attraction for players drawn to the thrills of significant payout opportunities.

Crazy Pachinko Graphics

The visuals strike a perfect balance between traditional Japanese game aesthetics and contemporary design, offering a nostalgic yet modern feel. The animations and character designs, especially during the live Pachinko bonus round, are sharp and well-executed, ensuring an engaging interaction with the game show host. This provides a visually stimulating and immersive environment on various devices, including desktop and mobile platforms.

Crazy Pachinko On Mobile

Crazy Pachinko is fully optimised for mobile devices, ensuring players enjoy the same high-quality experience on iOS and Android. There is no loss in visual quality or gameplay features when playing on mobile, allowing seamless access to all game functions, including the live Pachinko bonus round and Top-Up phase.

Crazy Pachinko Bonuses & Free Spins

While the game does not offer traditional free spins, its innovative use of multipliers and interactive bonus rounds provide a dynamic alternative that can lead to significant rewards. The integration of live game elements with slot mechanics in Crazy Pachinko makes for a uniquely engaging gaming experience, particularly for those who enjoy game show-style excitement combined with the strategic placement of bets.

Should You Play Crazy Pachinko?

This game is for...

Crazy Pachinko is ideally suited for players who enjoy the dynamics of both slots and live casino games. Its rich blend of traditional slot mechanics with the interactive thrills of a live Pachinko game makes it perfect for those who enjoy immersive gameplay. The game is particularly appealing to those who appreciate the suspense and potentially high rewards that come with high-volatility games. Players attracted to game show-style formats and those who enjoy strategic betting will find Crazy Pachinko’s multi-layered gameplay rewarding and engaging.

This game is not for...

On the other hand, Crazy Pachinko might not be the best fit for players who prefer more straightforward or low-risk casino games. Its high volatility can mean less frequent payouts, which might frustrate players looking for consistent wins. Additionally, the game’s complex bonus rounds and the strategic depth required might overwhelm those new to live casino games or those who prefer simpler slot experiences. If you’re not a fan of the unpredictability and potential for rapid swings in gameplay, Crazy Pachinko’s intense and interactive nature might not be what you’re looking for.

Best Casinos To Play Crazy Pachinko For Real Money

  • Betway Casino

  • Thunderpick

  • Yeyi Casino

  • Tusk Casino

R25 Welcome Bonus

18+ New Players only. Play responsibly - Winners Know When to Stop. Terms Apply .

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Other Live Dealer Games You May Be Interested In

If you enjoy Crazy Pachinko and are looking for other live dealer games with similar mechanics or from the same provider, here are three games you might be interested in:

Crazy Time: Also developed by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time is the original game that inspired Crazy Pachinko. It features a colourful wheel with multiple bonus games, including a Pachinko segment. It's known for its dynamic gameplay and the potential for high payouts, making it a favourite for fans of interactive live casino experiences.

Crazy Coin Flip: Another innovative live casino game by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Coin Flip combines elements of slots and live gaming. The game includes a qualification phase similar to Crazy Pachinko, leading to an exciting live coin flip that determines multipliers for the winnings. It's perfect for players who enjoy a mix of slot mechanics and live game show elements.

Monopoly Live: A unique take on the classic board game, Monopoly Live offers a blend of wheel-based gaming and augmented reality. Also created by Evolution Gaming, this game includes chances to build up properties in a virtual Monopoly world during the bonus rounds, offering immersive and engaging gameplay.


What is Crazy Pachinko?

Crazy Pachinko is a live casino game that combines traditional slot mechanics with a live game show format, including a Pachinko bonus round for big-win opportunities.

How do I trigger the Pachinko bonus round?

To enter the Pachinko bonus round, you need to land three scatter symbols in the base game. These symbols may appear with multipliers that enhance potential winnings in the bonus round.

Can I play Crazy Pachinko on mobile devices?

Yes, Crazy Pachinko is fully optimised for mobile devices without losing quality or features, providing a seamless gaming experience across all platforms.

What is the RTP and volatility of Crazy Pachinko?

Crazy Pachinko has a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.05% and is classified as a high-volatility game, meaning payouts can be significant but may occur less frequently.

Are there any special features in Crazy Pachinko?

Yes, besides the unique Pachinko bonus round, the game includes features like accumulated multipliers and sticky scatters, enhancing gameplay and increasing potential rewards.

 Is Crazy Pachinko a legitimate game?

Yes, Crazy Pachinko is a legitimate game developed by Evolution Gaming, a renowned and reputable provider in the online casino industry. Evolution Gaming is licensed and regulated by multiple gaming authorities, ensuring their games follow strict fairness and safety standards and are tested and certified for fair play.

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