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Funky Time Game - Demo, Tips & Strategies

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Rudie Venter
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Funky Time is a thrilling live game by Evolution Gaming, one of the giants in the gaming industry. The game “Funky Time Evolution” debuted on May 10, 2023. Since its release just a few months ago, players have been buzzing about its novelty; it's a fresh, exciting, and truly original addition to the gaming world.

The game whisks players away to a disco-themed universe with engaging visuals and foot-tapping beats.

With its unique DigiWheel and various bonus features, the game is brimming with opportunities for high rewards. It’s a medium to high volatility game, ensuring a balance between frequent wins and sizable jackpots. Boasting a combination of 24-letter segments and dynamic multipliers, this game is anything but predictable.

Pros and Cons

  • Check IconDistinctive DigiWheel feature.
  • Check IconFour engaging bonus games.
  • Check IconMedium to high volatility – perfect for thrill-seekers.
  • Check IconSuperb graphics and immersive music.
  • Close IconMight be complex for new players.
  • Close IconHigh volatility may not suit cautious players.

How to Play Funky Time

The objective of this 70s disco-themed game is to predict the segment where the DigiWheel will stop. Place your bet on one or multiple segments where you think the wheel will land. 

Funky time banner

The wheel is made up of 64 segments. It's advanced LED panels which not only show the segment details and multipliers but also ensure that the images remain oriented correctly, irrespective of the wheel's rotation. The segments are divided as follows:

Multiple Ways to Win

Number 1: There are 28 segments marked with the number 1. The payout is a 1:1 multiplier, if the wheel stops on one of these segments.

Letters: A total of 24 segments are dedicated to the letters that form the words “Play,” ”Funk,” and “Time.” Each of these words appears twice on the wheel.

  • “Play”: 8 segments 

  • “Funk”: 8 segments

  • “Time”: 8 segments

  • Payout: If the wheel lands on any of these letter segments, the payout is a 25:1 multiplier.

Bonus Game Betting: There are 12 segments dedicated to the Bonus Games:

  • “Bar” Bonus: 6 segments

  • “Stayin' Alive” Bonus: 2 segments

  • “Disco” Bonus: 3 segments

  • “VIP Disco” Bonus: 1 segment

  • Payout: If the wheel stops on any of these Bonus Game segments, players are taken to the respective bonus game.

How to play

Step 1: Open the Game

Navigate to the live casino section of your online gaming platform and find "Funky Time."

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Interface

Take a moment to get to know the layout, including where to place bets and how to access information like multipliers and bonus games.

Step 3: Get Ready to Bet

Prepare to place your bets when the betting window opens. This is usually indicated by a countdown timer or an announcement from the game host.

Step 4: Place Your Bets

You have several betting options:

  • Individual Letters: Bet on one or more of the 24 letter segments.

  • Bonus Games: Bet on one or more of the four Bonus games—Bar, Stayin' Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco.

  • Bet on 12 Letters: Places a bet on all 12 letters at once.

  • Bet on 4 Bonuses: Places a bet on all four Bonus games at once.

Step 5: Watch the Spin

After the betting window closes, the game host will spin the DigiWheel. As it spins, random multipliers are generated and assigned to random segments.

Step 6: Result of the Spin

The wheel will stop spinning, and a flapper will indicate the winning segment.

Main Game Outcomes:

  • Winning Segment: If the wheel stops on a segment you bet on, you win.

  • Multipliers: If the wheel stops on a segment with a multiplier, your winnings are multiplied accordingly.

Step 7: Bonus Game (If Applicable)

If the wheel lands on a Bonus game segment you bet on, you'll proceed to play that specific Bonus game.

  • Bar Bonus: Choose a glass and earn multipliers as drinks are poured.

  • Stayin’ Alive: Pick a team colour and climb the multiplier ladder based on drawn balls.

  • Disco and VIP Disco: Watch Mr Funky dance across the floor, collecting multipliers.

Funky Time Demo

Unfortunately, there is no Demo game available at the moment.

Funky time game

Funky Time Payout and Volatility

Volatility: Funky Time Evolution offers a range of volatility from medium to high. This indicates that while players may experience frequent smaller wins, there's also the potential for larger payouts.

Main Game Payout: The larger payouts come from the letter segments within the main game. If the wheel stops on any letter segments, the payout rate is 25:1.

Funky Time Graphics

With crisp visuals, intricate attention to detail, and modern aesthetics, Funky Time Evolution truly gives South African players a world-class experience. The disco-themed graphics are sharp, pulling players right into the heart of the disco era.

Funky Time Special Features

Funky Time Evolution offers several special features that make this game undeniably entertaining.

  • DigiWheel - A digital wheel that generates random multipliers for each game round.

  • Dynamic Multipliers – Randomly assigned multipliers can significantly boost your winnings.

  • Varied Betting – Options include betting on individual letters, the number 1, or any of the four Bonus games. Single bets can cover all 12 letters or all four Bonus games.

  • Bonus Games – Four distinct Bonus games (Bar, Stayin' Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco) add variety and excitement.

  • Multiplier Ladders – Some Bonus games feature a multiplier ladder for potentially high rewards.

  • Team Play – In Stayin’ Alive, you pick a team colour and climb a multiplier ladder based on the colour of balls drawn.

  • Instant Wins – Win immediately if the wheel stops on a segment you've bet on.

  • Public Bonus Games – All players can watch Bonus games, even if they didn't place a bet.

  • Additional Multipliers – Bonus games may have extra multipliers added to increase winnings.

Funky Time Bonuses & Free Spins

  1. Bar Bonus Game: you walk into a cool bar with robot bartenders! In this game, you get to choose from three different drinks. Each drink has a secret prize that multiplies your points, and you can get 2 times or even up to 20 times. But there's a twist! There's a mini-game where a spinning wheel shows another prize, and this can randomly add even more points to the drink you selected. It's like a two-for-one deal! So, this game is not just about picking a tasty drink but also about hoping you get the biggest prize boost. 

  2. Stayin’ Alive Bonus Game: Set amidst a captivating ball-drawing machine housing 90 vibrant balls, this feature plunges players into an electrifying fusion of chance and strategy. Upon entering this bonus round, players are prompted to pledge allegiance to a team colour—be it the radiant green, the passionate pink, or the fiery orange. As the beats of the iconic song echo in the background, balls tumble out of the machine, setting the pace for players' ascent on the multiplier ladder. With every matching colour drawn, players see their potential multiplier escalate, each step promising grander rewards. However, tension builds as players tread this path with only four lives, a nod to the song's theme of perseverance. The game culminates when all lives are exhausted, leaving players with an unforgettable adrenaline-charged experience, all while humming to the legendary tune of “Stayin' Alive.”

  3. Disco and VIP Disco Bonus Games: a character named Mr. Funky is ready to bust some moves. A wheel gets spun, telling Mr. Funky which way to dance next. As he dances around, he can step on spots that give you extra points – some are just regular extra points, while others (called Floor multipliers) boost your points. There's a super-special version of this game too: the VIP Disco Bonus. Here, the points Mr. Funky can get are HUGE! We're talking about points like 50 times, 250 times, and even a massive 1,500 times the points you already have! But be careful: the game stops if Mr. Funky dances off the edge of the floor. So, you want him to dance around and get as many big points as possible before that happens!

Should You Play Funky Time Game?

If you want to spice up your gaming experience, Funky Time Evolution is a must-try. Imagine a '70s disco party fused with cutting-edge gaming technology—that's Funky Time for you. With its unique DigiWheel, a variety of multipliers, and four exciting bonus games, the game has a jive that's perfect for anyone who loves both the flair of yesteryears and the tech-savvy games of today. Perfect for anyone from Jo'burg to Cape Town, Funky Time Live redefines what online gaming means for South Africans. 

Best Casinos To Play Funky Time For Real Money


Known for its vast selection of games and robust security features, 10bet is a top choice for serious players. The platform offers an excellent user experience and a seamless interface ideal for playing Funky Time game.

Yeti Casino

Yeti Casino is another exceptional option, providing a vast selection of live casino games, including Funky Time game. The platform offers attractive bonuses for new players and has strong customer support.

Lucky Dreams

With its focus on delivering an immersive casino experience, Lucky Dreams offers high-quality live games, including Funky Time. Their platform is user-friendly and perfect for those new to live casino gaming.

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Is Funky Time available on mobile?

Yes, Funky Time game is optimized for mobile play and is available on most online casinos that offer Evolution games.

What is the minimum bet in Funky Time game?

The minimum bet varies by casino, but it generally starts at a low amount to make the game accessible to all players.

How many bonus games does Funky Time Evolution have?

Funky Time features four unique bonus games: Bar, Stayin' Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco.

Is Funky Time Evolution a fair game?

Yes, Evolution is licensed and regulated by several gaming commissions, ensuring that Funky Time is fair and transparent.

Can I play Funky Time for free?

Some casinos offer a demo version of Funky Time game, allowing you to get a feel for the game before betting real money.

Rudie Venter
Rudie Venter

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Fact-checked by: Kelvin Jones
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