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Published on 14.12.2021
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Costume Party


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Costume Party Slots

Costume Party is one of our favorites. The game provides a classic style setup as only 3 reels appear with 3 pay-lines. The game is very different from any other video slot out there. The reels spin horizontally and pay-lines reward vertically. Your goal is to match three bonus parts to a costume, which includes a sexy nurse, a chicken suit, a superhero, a cowboy and more. Players are sure to find the game amusing as the wrong body parts match up with others. The game also has a few surprises, which includes more characters as you unlock them and wilds to make just about any costume work. Payouts are somewhat low at first, but regular combinations are to be expected and jackpots of up to 5,400 coins are available with unlocked characters. This slot is featured for all mobile devices via Rival Gaming’s mobile software.

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When we first played Costume Party in 2013 when it was launched, it took us a while to figure out how the game works. We’ve never seen any other video slot like this, which makes this slot one of a kind. We also appreciate the animations as each completed character will show off their dance moves with a song that suits their costume. The chicken suit remains a favorite of ours along with the superhero girl.

Bonus features form part of the game from the very beginning. This includes the wild symbols that appear in the center part of the body only and will be able to complete the costume when the right head and legs appear. The wild symbol is depicted by the gorilla holding the wild board. We did not find these wilds to be as impressive as they only appear in the center. This means the legs and head still need to be matched up with the wild before a win is completed. The wild symbol also doesn’t offer additional rewards such as multipliers, which made us wonder why they were even included, but were pleased they were.

Costume Party is a classic that can impress and pay massive winnings. The game doesn’t have the best features as mentioned above but yet remains enjoyable. The additional characters are a great addition to the game as the ones you start with might get a bit boring after a while. Overall, we think the game will entertain and be enjoyable for all players as well-designed graphics, sounds and payouts are available. Our rating: 82/100

Rudie Venter
Rudie Venter

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