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Published on 14.12.2021
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As The Reels Turn 2 Slots


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As The Reels Turn 2 Slots

As the Reels Turn 2 is a sequel to a story that started with the first game. It began by telling a story of a popular land-based casino called El Paradiso and those who worked in the casino. No spoiler alert required here as we won’t go into any details with the story. As many of you may know the first game offered a clip within the intro of the game, but here you will find it continues with a few short pages in a storybook manner. It still offers 15 pay lines and 5 reels, but a few new characters have been introduced as the story progresses. Rival hasn’t changed much in this sequel, perhaps to keep it similar and intact with expectations. Bonus features offer many rewards through the 2 bonus games, free spins, and jackpot symbols.

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As the Reels Turn 2 has not changed at all when you consider only the symbols have been adjusted to accommodate the new characters and one of the scatters also being changed to Danny to fit with the “Find Danny” bonus game. The rest of the scatters are still the same and activate the same bonus features as the first game. We understand it need to be similar but to make it nearly the same might just cause things to get a bit redundant.

Other than that, the features are still rewarding. The bonus games require 3 scatter symbols in order to be triggered and players will still receive an additional 50 coins when all 5 of the available scatters appear. Once again an “advance to the next scene” symbol appears without special rewards but includes more info about the dramatic story line.

One of the scatters will include Ivan the fish to activate the free spins. Once again, the feature awards 10 free games and additional wins with multipliers of 3x. All the game symbols are available during free spins, meaning additional features can be triggered while playing free spins, but any bonus games will not be multiplied by the free spin multiplier.

We think many may find the game rather disappointing when they reach the sequel of the first game. The features and winnings are very much the same and don’t really offer anything extra that is worth getting excited about, and by that we don’t mean the game is boring, but you can have just as much fun playing the first in this series and ultimately, it becomes a players preference. Other than the characters and one bonus feature, the game differs little. Sure it offers more about the storyline, but in our opinion, that is the only reason you would want to enter this game. For these reasons and the fact that not much difference has been added to the game, it will receive a lower rating, but at the same time, it is still a good one to play just the same.

Our rating: 60/100

Rudie Venter
Rudie Venter

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