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Banana Jones Slot

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If you loved adventure movies and Indiana Jones in particular, you will love Banana Jones. This new online slots game from Real Time Gaming is a fun take off on that legendary character played out so well by Harrison Ford. One word strikes you when you see Banana Jones for the first time: different! There are no reels to spin, all you have to do is roll the dice.

The game is based on the adventure tale of Banana Jones who is on a quest to get the Crystal Banana before the evil Leopold the Leopard, aided by his army of snakes, gets his hand on it. Banana Jones crash lands his plane as he is flying over the jungles and manages to do so right in the jungle that houses the temple where the Crystal Banana is said to be hidden.

The game is rich in high quality graphics and the animations are outstanding. The sound effects completely back up the feel of the game. There are multipliers and special bonus features to help you win more, and the fact that you have to try to reach the temple within 5 dice rolls adds a fun sense of urgency to the entire experience.


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This brand new RTG slot takes your gaming experience to a whole new level. The board is replete with a number of different symbols: the vines, the snakes, the diamonds, the Extra Roll symbols and the Treasure Wheel Heads. Each of these symbols can be found on the lily pads that Banana Jones has to hop across to reach the temple and each symbol has a different role.

The vines help carry Banana Jones up towards the temple. The snakes drag him downwards, away from the temple. The diamonds help give you cool win amounts. The Extra Roll symbols give you one extra roll of the dice. The Treasure Wheel Head symbols help launch the Treasure Wheel Bonus feature.

The first thing to do once the game loads is of course to select the amount you want to wager. Once you have selected your wager amount the game opens up. Click the Dice icon at the bottom of the screen to get moving. The total value of the 2 dice you roll is the number of steps Banana Jones needs to move.

You need to get Banana Jones across the board in the 5 rolls given – the number of rolls may increase if you are able to land Banana Jones on the Extra Roll symbols – to launch the Crystal Banana Quest bonus feature. The game ends with the 5th roll, otherwise. The snake, vine and diamond symbols that Banana Jones lands on are tracked on the meter for each of these at the top left of the screen. Your payout is calculated based on the symbols you have collected.

The game has 2 bonus features. The first is the Treasure Wheel Bonus and it is launched by landing Banana Jones on one of the 4 Treasure Wheel Head symbols on the board. You are required to spin a wheel with different multiplier values on it. The value that the wheel stops on is the multiplier value that your original bet is multiplied by to determine your winnings from this bonus.

The second bonus feature is the Crystal Banana Quest feature. It is triggered once you are able to help Banana Jones cross the jungle and reach the temple. He enters the temple and inside are a number of treasure chests. Each chest has a specific fruit inside it and a specific value attached to it. Click on a chest to open it and collect the fruits inside. There is a meter for each kind of fruit. The round gets over once you are able to collect and fill up the meter for one fruit completely.

Your payout for the bonus is calculated based on the value for the fruit you collected fully. The total game payout is calculated by adding this value to the win amount prior to the start of the Crystal Banana Quest feature.

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