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Cubee Slot

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The casino gaming software provider, Realtime Gaming (RTG), offers players a large number of top quality online slot releases. With regular slot releases, players enjoy variations on the standard 5×3 slot games. This time, RTG decided to shake things up a bit. The company launched a great new casino game that may have similarities to a slot, but is not a slot. The new game, Cubee – Time Travel Adventure, is both cute, fun, out of the box, and entertaining.

Cubee is, as the name would lead us to believe, a cube-shaped creature. He is covered in fur, and has a great big mouth smiling at us from the screen. His big round eyes simply add to his charm, as does his open mouth ready to gobble the winning symbols.

The new game has bright colors, cute graphics, and great animations. It is easy to play, taking you through three levels until you get to Cubeeland. Once you are in Cubeeland, you get to enjoy multipliers and free spins.

With its February launch, Cubee – Time Travel Adventure shows us that we never know what to expect in the future. While you may have thought that Cubee was just another slot release, it most certainly is not.


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Once you are ready to play Cubee – Time Travel Adventure for real money, it is easy to do so. Simply pick your favourite South African RTG casino from our list of top casinos. Some of the top picks for SA players include Thunderbolt Casino, Yebo Casino, and Springbok Casino. Cubee is definitely a great way to add fun to your gaming, and it can be rewarding at the same time.

The game symbols include Cubee himself, and his arch-rival Rocco. Other symbols seen in the game are axes, bows and arrows, cannons, power balls, and other enemies. The enemies are Spike, Bones, Lucifer, and Casper. While the enemy symbols form winning combinations, the weapons weaken Rocco. Cubee ingests power balls to gain strength. The power balls act like wilds, and the weapons are like scatters.

Pick your betting level by clicking on the + or – symbols on the bottom right hand side of the screen. You can wager between 1.00 and 20.00 per game round or spin. It is possible to win up to 50,000x the total bet wagered. Start the game by clicking on the play button. You can also choose the auto play feature if you prefer to watch the game unfold without clicking each round.

The vortex sends out eight different symbols that hover in front of it. The aim of the game is to destroy Rocco. When weapons appear, they hit Rocco on the head, depleting his energy levels each time. When winning symbols appear out of the vortex, you get points, multipliers, and power-ups. Three to eight matching symbols come with a prize.

There are three different eras in the game. When the game begins, you find yourself in the Stone Age. After that you move to the Pirate Age, and then to the Viking Age. Complete the challenge to destroy the enemy that comes with each era. At the end, the final part of the game, where you enjoy free spins and multipliers, takes place in Cubeeland.

During the game, cannon and bow symbols trigger bonus features. The cannons, which appear in the Pirate Era, trigger free games. The bow and arrow symbols in the Viking Era trigger bonus multipliers. Keep track of your free spins and multipliers by checking the upper left corner of the screen. Make sure to keep spinning to ensure you travel through all three eras.

Cubee can only defeat enemies with les s strength than him. As his strength increases, he can defeat stronger enemies. When Cubee gets to Cubeeland, the following takes place:
• When you get to Cubeeland, you get to play out your free spins rounds.
• Any multipliers accumulated during the different eras come into play during the free spins round.
• Enemies come to Cubeeland without any weapons, making it easier for you and Cubee to win.

Cubee is a medium to high volatility casino game in which you can therefore expect bigger wins, albeit less frequent.

The new game is reminiscent of some great old-style video games. It is an excellent addition to RTG casinos, and is likely to become a popular choice with players. The different style of game that comes with many similarities to slots, but is not a slot game, is fresh and exciting. RTG’s software designers allowed their creativity to flow in this interesting and unique casino game.

Cubee is a quality casino game that includes additional excitement because it changes from one era to another. Reaching Cubeeland together with the fuzzy orange cube-shaped creature is a lot of fun. It is easy to play, and has a decent potential top payout. This makes Cubee – Time Travel Adventure worth trying out for real money play.

Rudie Venter
Rudie Venter

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