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Marvel Slots


 All casino software providers realize the need to provide high quality content to attract new players to the casinos. A couple of them found a unique way to draw in the players – offering the eternally popular heroes of Marvel Comics in slot games. And thus the Marvel Slots were born.

Marvel slots are multi-line video slots that have as their central characters the superheroes created by Marvel Comics. All these slots are high quality and designed to transport players directly into the Marvel world and back to their childhood, allowing them to experience the thrill of watching their heroes and villains in action. Marvel slots are fun, offer big payouts in the form of progressive jackpots, and are therefore immensely popular among players. So if you are an online slots lover and a fan of Marvel Comics when you were a kid, go for the Marvel slots!

Software Providers Offering Marvel Slots

There have been 2 software providers offering Marvel slots to players since 2005. You get Marvel slots from Cryptologic as well as Playtech, two veterans of the online casino software industry, done through licensing agreements with Marvel Comics. Cryptologic was the first to bring these fabulous slots to the online casino. Their games were more in line with the comic books and standard. After Disney took over Marvel, the license for Cryptologic was not renewed. This resulted in the Marvel slots from this provider being withdrawn.

The second provider offering Marvel slots is Playtech. Playtech took these unique slots to a completely different level: 3D-quality graphics and animations, loads of unique features, progressive jackpots – they have it all. Playtech’s Marvel slots are hugely popular among South African players and available at any Playtech mobile casino accepting South Africans.

Playing Marvel Slots

Playing Marvel slots online is exciting; you get cool rewards in the form of wins during the regular rounds as well as jackpot rounds. Playtech’s Marvel slots are fun to play and slightly more complex than your standard games. It is fun to see your favorite Marvel characters on the screen of your favorite slot game. What makes it even more exciting is the way these heroes and villains take the game to a whole new level, say in the bonus rounds. Take the Playtech Marvel slots, for instance.

One of Playtech’s most popular Marvel slots is the X-Men slot. The characters of Wolverine and Magneto, not to mention Nightcrawler and the others, look fabulous; what makes the game great is the way these characters change the game in the bonus rounds. The Heroes vs. Villains bonus round is the stuff online slot heaven is made of; the game starts in the Heroes mode, with Wolverine on the reels and unlimited free spins and loads of bonuses. All it takes is one extra wild to turn the game on its head and take you straight into Villain mode with Magneto ruling the roost and limiting your free spins to 8.

Popular Marvel Slots

There are a large number of Marvel slots from Playtech today. Popular ones include:

• The Iron Man series (I, II, and III)
• X-Men
• Wolverine
• Thor
• The Incredible Hulk

Progressive Jackpots in Marvel Slots

All Marvel slots from Playtech have a progressive jackpot attached to them. Games come with a progressive round that has 4 jackpots within it:

• Power Jackpot
• Extra Power Jackpot
• Super Power Jackpot
• Ultimate Power Jackpot

The jackpot round is a big money game, yes, but it is not as easy to score a progressive jackpot as it is to win during the base game. The RTP is less than 100%, and the variance is high given that the progressive jackpot is likely to be huge. But it is worth taking a shot at; if Lady Luck is by your side you just might hit it.

An easier way would be to take a shot at the smaller jackpots and observe the frequency with which the jackpots pay out. There is no guarantee of winning by just doing this but it definitely can give you a feel of the pattern of play and help you plan your moves accordingly. Playing big amounts also definitely increases your chances of scoring a win. Play games with the highest RTP; that gives you a higher chance of scoring a payout. The following are the RTPs for some of the Marvel slots:

• Iron Man 2: 95.98%
• Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin: 95.18%
• X-Men: 95.03%
• The Avengers: 95.02%
• Fantastic Four: 94.88%

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