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Wild Fire 7s Slot Review

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Thing back to the time in history when the first slot machines were made. Now jump forward to the present and see how easy it is to play slots. Realtime Gaming (RTG) provides us with a wide range of slot games including 5-reel slots, and classic three-reel slots, with the most popular of all being progressive slots. The most recent slot release is a combination of a three-reel classic slot game that comes with an extra reel for special features, and has a progressive jackpot. This is definitely the best of both side of the slot world!

Wild Fire 7s has three reels and three rows with five pay lines. In addition to the standard three reels, the game has a fourth reel that is detached from the main reel structure. The fourth reel is somewhat like a window for a single symbol. Symbols that appear in this reel trigger the game’s special features. It is possible to win up to 17,850x your bet when you play this game.

Symbols seen on the reels include bars, 7s, and cherries, all of which are synonymous with classic slot games. The highest paying symbols are the 777s filled with golden flames. Next up is the blue 7 and then the purple 7. After that there is the triple BAR, the double BAR and the single BAR. In addition to this, when players see a combination of a single BAR, a double BAR and a triple BAR on the same pay line, they also receive a payout. Other payouts include three cherries, two cherries and even one cherry. Other symbols which are only seen on the fourth reel include the Free Games symbol the Multiplier symbol and the Progressive Jackpot symbol.


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Wild Fire 7s Slot Free Demo: Check it Out Online or on Mobile

Before playing a new slot, or any slot you have not yet played, it is always a good idea to check it out before playing for real money. It is important to understand how the slot game works so that you can make the best betting choices for you and for your budget. This is true for both newbies and for veteran slot players. Even if you are a player familiar with the RTG slots, each game has its unique character and often have different mechanics. Special features may act differently in the different games and there is often more than meets the eye. After you have played the game in a demo or free play option, you can then move on to play for real money.

Try out the Wild Fire 7s slot right here. You can play this slot directly in your device’s browser with no need for any additional plug-ins or apps. Since we have already checked out the new slot, this review could help you decide whether you want to play Wild Fire 7s in demo mode or not based on your own preferences. We do recommend demo mode to try out new slots. Keep on reading to find out more about this new RTG slot with regards to special features and entertainment.

Game Features & Bonuses

Free Games

While many classic slots do not have free spins features, Wild Fire 7s does. When you see the Free Games symbol in the additional fourth reel, it triggers the free games bonus feature. You get seven free games which play out on the same betting level as was used for the triggering spin. The bet size cannot be changed once the free spins trigger until the end of the free games feature. The free games feature runs until there are no more free spins available or until you receive the maximum possible payout. When this feature ends, a banner appears on the reels displaying your free games winnings. This amount is then added to your winnings total.


There is a 5x multiplier that is available only when playing free spins. The multiplier pays out 5x the win for any wins during the free games feature.

There is also a multiplier that can reach up to 5x the payout. This triggers on the fourth reel. If you also have a winning combination on the first three reels when you see the multiplier, you win a multiplied payout according to the number shown.

Progressive Jackpot

Once again, we look to the extra fourth reel for the Progressive Jackpot symbol. When this symbol appears on the fourth reel, it trigger the game’s progressive jackpot. When a player wins the progressive jackpot, the size of the jackpot is reset to $500. This means that the next progressive jackpot winner will take home at least $500. The jackpot grows in size as players play this slot game.

Fun Play

As noted above, you can use the demo or fun play mode to try out the Wild Fire 7s slot game. We would like to stress once again that this mode can help you plan more strategic bets and gives you a chance to get to know the game. When you play with free money, you cannot lose your money, but you also cannot win real money when you get wins. It does have value to play the fun play mode because it gives you a chance to try out betting levels you may not have tried before.

Fun play is a great form of entertainment but when you are ready to take home your winnings, you do need to switch to real money play. Once you know a slot well, you can always take breaks from real money play and enjoy some fun play purely for entertainment purposes with no real money changing hands.

Auto Play

Whether you are playing Wild Fire 7s in the fun play mode or for real money, you can make use of the Auto Play option. Auto Play allows you to set the reels to spin automatically instead of clicking on the spin button for each individual spin. The Auto Play button for this slot appears on the right hand side at the bottom of the third reel. It is a smaller version of the main spin button with an extra arrow in the middle. While the manual spin button is green with gold arrows, the Auto Play button is gold with white arrows.

Click on the Auto Play button to select the number of spins you wish to play. You can pick 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or infinite spins with the Auto Play option. When you trigger a bonus feature, Auto Play can continue to play the feature. You cannot adjust the bet size during Auto Play, however, you can stop the Auto Play option and then adjust the bet size before restarting the feature.

Turbo Play

When you play slots, the reels generally take around two or three seconds to complete a regular spin. The reels then slowly stop beginning with the leftmost reel, until it reaches the rightmost reel. This adds to the suspense, which can be quite exciting, as you see new symbols being added to potential wins one at a time. When you make use of the Turbo Play mode, the reels spin much faster. They still stop one reel at a time when you use this feature on Wild Fire 7s, but the wait time is substantially shorter.

If you prefer to play this game using the faster mode of play, you can easily do so by clicking on the lightning bolt button. When it displays one lightning bolt, it plays at the regular speed and when it displays two lightning bolts, Turbo Play is activated. We do suggest that you play the game in its regular mode, at least to start with, so that you can become more familiar with the winning patterns until you are more familiar with the game.

How to Play Wild Fire 7s

Wild Fire 7s is a simple slot to play. This five-reel, three-row classic slot game has five fixed pay lines. There is an additional fourth reel that triggers the game’s special features. Play the game for fun in a demo mode until you are confident to make your real money betting choices at your chosen casino. The following steps are useful both for real money playing and for playing in demo mode:

  • Load the Wild Fire 7s slot through your browser. The game is designed using HTML5 technology, so you do not need any special software to play.
  • Choose your bet amount with the help of the plus and minus buttons found on either side of the main spin button. Raise or lower the betting amount until you find the level you wish to choose.
  • If you wish to use the Auto Play feature, click on the Auto Play button and select the number of spins you wish to play automatically.
  • If you prefer manual play, simply click on the spin button. The reels will spin and come to rest.
  • When you get a winning combination, the slot displays the winning amount. The winning value is displayed on the console and the game automatically adds the amount to your balance. On spins you do not win, the betting amount is deduced from your balance.

Main Prizes to be Won

The main, or biggest prize, can be won on Wild Fire 7s progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot triggers when the jackpot symbol appears on the fourth reel.

As for regular pay line wins, each symbol has a value assigned to it, and the game pays out according to these values. When a multiplier appears, wins pay out accordingly. Remember that it is possible to win a spin with up to a 17,850x payout on a single spin.

Why Do South African Players Enjoy Playing the Wild Fire 7s Slot?

Wild Fire 7s was recently released, and South African players are always happy to try something new. At the same time, it is also good to go back to basics, and the combo of a classic three-reel slot that comes with special features seen on an extra fourth reel is definitely worth a few spins. In addition to this, we all love a progressive jackpot slot, so this game is likely to be popular amongst South African players.

Betting Range

The betting range of Wild fire 7s begins at $0.50 per spin. This means that there is a $0.10 bet per pay line, however since the game has five fixed pay lines, it totals $0.50 for each spin. The highest possible bet per spins is $1 per pay line, making the total bet $5. This is not a game for high rollers, however, it is great for both new and veteran slot players.

Mobile Friendly

All new slots from RTG are mobile friendly. With the vast majority of players using smartphones and tablets, there would be no reason to make slots that do not work on mobile devices. The game is coded using HTML5 which means that the slot screen easily adjusts to different sized views making it compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Progressive Jackpot

When the progressive jackpot symbol appears in the special features reel, players stand a chance of winning. The jackpot grows as players play and place real money wagers at the casino. Wild Fire 7s jackpot resets to $500 after it is hit.

Instant Play

There is no need to download the game or an app to either your computer or mobile device. Simply open your browser and navigate to your chosen RTG casino. Click on the Wild Fire 7s icon and the game will open in your browser. Make sure you have a good enough internet connection and get playing.

Similar Slots

There are many classic slots available at RTG casinos. Since these are simple slots based on the original slot machines, players often like to head back to a more simple time, and this is one way to do so. This slot is similar to the 777 slot from RTG, although Wild Fire 7s comes with an extra special features reel.


Is a Free Play Version Available?

Is a Free Play Version Available?

Can I Play Wild Fire 7s for Real Money?

Wild Fire 7s is a real money slot. You can play the slot for real or fun money but only take home wins from real money games.

How Much Money Can I win Playing Wild Fire 7s?

The game has a maximum win amount that is 17,850x your bet, and it has a progressive jackpot..

Is there a Jackpot?

Yes, Wild Fire 7s has a progressive jackpot seeded at $500.

What is the Theme of this Slot Game?

Wild Fire 7s has a simple classic slot theme.

What are Some of the Best Features in this Game?

Wild Fire 7s has a progressive jackpot, multipliers and a free spins feature with a 5x multiplier.

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