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Golden Grimoire


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Golden Grimoire Slot

NetEnt is undoubtedly one of the biggest online casino software providers in the industry. Along with Microgaming, they were one of the first to capitalize on the market in the early days of online casino gaming and have since been able to really keep pole position. There is a reason online casino players from all over the world prefer playing games from NetEnt. The developer makes games that are not only high quality in terms of game play and graphics but are feature and bonus intensive which can make them lucrative and highly rewarding for the player.

NetEnt is known in the industry for having bagged a stupendous number of awards in recent years for their work and some of the games that they have innovated which have truly been revolutionary and paved the way for other developers when it comes to state-of-the-heart online casino games. Golden Grimoire Slot is one of NetEnt’s latest releases rolled out in Feb. 2019. This is a magical video slot that is already turning heads. In this review, we will look at what makes Golden Grimoire the unique and noteworthy slot that it is.

A grimoire is a magical journal that has information regarding all things magic, so you have spells, curses, etc. used by wizards and witches. This book is obviously mysterious and of great value to anyone that has it. The Golden Grimoire is an even more sought-after magic journal and in this slot game, you will dive into the magical universe and all of its mysteries head first. The theme of the game is dark and attractive, the game is also fairly easy to learn and play. At its core, the game is basically a 5-reel slot and anyone familiar with 5-reel slots will find it easy to play right from the go.

Golden Grimoire has received a fair bit of criticism for being a low variance slot in the wake up a long string of low variance slots that NetEnt has been release recently. People were expecting the company to give them a high roller slot this time around, but it seems like NetEnt has other plans.

Golden Grimoire
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Play Golden Grimoire Slot for Free (no Download & No Deposit Needed!)

Golden Grimoire is a real money online casino slot where players bet, win and lose real money. However, NetEnt has also released a play for free version wherein you can play without making real money wagers. Instead of using real money, you just have to use credits to play.

In fact, even if you want just get a hang of the game without risking real money in the process, you can play the demo or play for free version until you get familiar with the gameplay and different features of the game. Once playing the game becomes second nature, you can proceed to play for real money.

To play Golden Grimoire, you do not need to download or install any software. It is an instant play game which leverages HTML5 and Flash technologies to allow you to play the game on the browser itself and you will not need to actually download and install the game to be able play. Just open up your internet browser, go to any online casino which offers the game, login or sign up, click on the game and it will load within the browser window itself and then you can get started playing.

Golden Grimoire Slot

Being that Golden Grimoire slot is still new on the shelves,you might have a hard time finding this mesmerizing slot at most online casinos. However, if you are keen on playing the game at this time and want to be one of the first few players to really enjoy the game, you will come across it offered at Yeti Casino and Yako Casino at this point. Soon, NetEnt will start rolling this game out to most casinos that they provide to and the game will be available at most popular, well-reputed online casinos.

Coming to the special features and bonuses of Golden Grimoire, there are few that you can really take advantage of.

One of these is the free spins bonus – you get eight free spins where you can spin the reels without having to risk a wager from your own money. With the free spins, your spins are risk and loss-free, and if you do happen to win something on one of the free spins, then it is yours to keep. Therefore, it is basically a case of – you got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The mystery symbol is another one of Golden Grimoire’s special features which adds to the excitement. This symbol basically lands on the reels as a question mark and is then revealed as the actual symbol that it is. It could just be the symbol you need to make a really good winning combination.

In conclusion, despite being criticized for making yet another low variance slot, NetEnt has really outdone themselves with this slot. It has everything one needs in a slot and is packaged with plenty of features and bonus rounds to keep players engaged and at the edge of their seats the whole time.

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