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10 Best NFT Casino Sites in 2024

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What is an NFT Casino?

If you’re looking for the best NFT casino sites, chances are that you understand and are comfortable with the idea of NFTs and how they work. However, for our readers who have heard the term NFT, but are still uncertain about what exactly it entails, we will try and briefly outline the concept of an NFT.

What are NFTs? NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Basically, it is a digital asset that one can buy. If you were to buy an NFT, the purchase and your ownership is recorded in a decentralized digital ledger called the blockchain and this record will serve as proof of your ownership.

An NFT could be anything in digital format, including a piece of digital art in the form of an image, sound or music, etc. You would be the sole owner of the original digital asset, but this would not stop others from duplicating it and using copies (almost like how there are cheap copies of an expensive art piece in the real world; only the original holds substantial value).

Any Non-fungible Token that can be used for the purpose of NFT gambling (gambling currency) is referred to as a Gambling NFT.

Basically, any online casino that features the use of NFTs in one form or the other could be generally referred to as an NFT casino.

Fastest Paying NFT Casinos in 2024

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How Do NFT Casinos Work?

An NFT gambling site might allow you to use NFTs instead of traditional currencies to place bets and even let you win valuable NFTs instead of fiat money when you win at gambling games. NFTs are used as currencies within the casino instead of, say, the US Dollar or the South African Rand.

There are various other applications of NFTs at online casinos and not just as a form of currency. Some NFT casinos may even feature their own exclusive NFT marketplace. Other NFT casinos may allow you to own shares and receive a percentage of the casino’s profits by buying and holding one or more of their published NFTs.

How to Play at NFT Casinos

If you’ve played at conventional online casinos before, you can hit the ground running at an NFT casino, too, since the way things work is very similar, with some exceptions. Just like a normal web casino, you may be required to sign up as a member at an NFT casino. Below, we break down the steps involved in setting up your NFT casino account and getting started playing games.

  • Visit the website: Once you’ve selected your NFT casino of choice, it is time to sign up for an account with the casino. For this, you first need to visit the casino website. You can do so on a smartphone or a PC since most NFT casinos are responsive and mobile-friendly.

  • Sign Up: On the NFT casino’s website, you will find a button labelled ‘Sign up’, ‘Join’ or ‘Register’. This is usually made prominent right on the homepage. At this point, you are presented with a registration form where you may have to provide some information to set up your account.

  • Deposit funds: Now, you should be logged in to your NFT casino account. If you received some free cash or free spins for signing up, then you can go ahead and play eligible games with your bonus funds. Eventually, you will have to make a deposit to fund your gaming. For this, go to the casino’s cashier page, tap or click on Deposit, choose your preferred deposit method, and complete the transaction.

  • Get Playing: Now that you have funds in your NFT casino, you can go ahead and play games that you like. If you win, the winnings are added to your NFT casino cashier balance and can be withdrawn in accordance with the withdrawal policy.

NFT Casino Bonuses

When you join an online casino, you may expect to get a variety of incentives. Some casinos provide generous welcome bonuses, while others have a loyalty club that rewards regular customers and most casinos offer both and several more.

Therefore, when you join an online casino, remember to check out their promotions page since it can make a massive difference in terms of increasing your chances of winning! Here are some of the primary types of incentives offered by most NFT casinos today.

NFT Casino Free Spins:

Free spin bonuses are awarded to existing players as a promotion when a new slot game is launched, although some casinos also allow new players to enjoy this benefit. This bonus awards you a certain number of free spins to use in order to win real money without spending any.

Free spins, obviously, can only be used on slot games. Usually, free spins tend to have high wagering requirements and a low max cashout limit. A good way to use free spins to their full potential would be to cash out your winnings when you reach or get really close to the max cashout limit.

No Deposit NFT Casino Bonus:

No deposit bonuses give players a chance to try out a new casino without risking any money. As the name implies, no deposit is needed. The player only needs to activate an account and start playing for free.

Usually, the bonus value at NFT casinos ranges from as little as $5 to as much as $150. These types of bonuses are usually subject to some terms and conditions such as wagering requirements and cash-out limitations. While these may seem overly restrictive, casinos impose them to prevent bonus exploitation.

Deposit NFT Casino Bonus:

The deposit bonus is most commonly seen at online casinos as well as NFT casinos in the form of a welcome bonus, where the player receives a bonus from the casino that matches some percentage of the amount deposited by the player.

If, for example, you make a $100 deposit and receive a 100% deposit match bonus, it means that you will receive a bonus of $100 along with the $100 that you just deposited. At NFT casinos, the casino may actually reward you with a low to mid-range NFT for making certain qualifying deposits.

Reload Bonuses:

The welcome bonus is a way to welcome new players. But what about players who have already used up their welcome bonus? Well, at good NFT casinos, they’ve got reload bonus offers to look forward to. Some reload bonuses are straightforward bonuses, in which you deposit a certain amount and the casino rewards you accordingly.

Other sorts of reload bonuses, on the other hand, may be tied to a single payment method or may only be applicable for reloads made on certain days of the week. Only reloads made in accordance with the eligibility criteria will result in receiving the bonus in such cases.

No Wagering Bonus:

If a bonus is offered without any wagering requirements, it is classified as a no-wagering bonus. This could be a free spins offer, a reload match bonus, no deposit welcome bonus, etc. as long as you don’t have any wagering requirements to meet, it becomes a no wagering bonus.

Because you can withdraw bonus funds immediately after receiving them, no wagering bonuses are highly sought after by players but not very commonly offered at casinos. You may find such offers made by casinos once in a blue moon for a short duration.

NFT Casino Games


The NFT betting market is unquestionably dominated by slot machines. In fact, the dominance of slot machines is not limited to Internet casinos, the same also holds true for land-based casinos. These games offer several advantages, including the fact that they are simple to comprehend and do not require a significant amount of time to play.

Players usually have thousands of slots of different types to choose from. Some contain only three reels or five reels, whereas others have many more. Unsurprisingly, most slot games draw ideas from various themes. Ancient Egypt is the most popular, but there are also titles premised around themes such as adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, oriental, Hollywood, music stars, etc.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot games usually offer the biggest top prize rewards when compared to all other casino game categories. This is because the jackpot value is not a fixed amount of money. The jackpot prize keeps increasing in value as bets come in from other players playing the game.

These inflows of bets could be limited to just the NFT casino or include bets from a network of NFT casinos. These are the games that can make millionaires overnight, albeit a rare occurrence.

Table Games and Live Dealer games

Historically, online casino table games have not involved a real human dealer on the other end of the table. It is usually fully computer-simulated. At NFT casinos, you may still find such versions of classic table games like Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat.

However, the latest developments involve playing against a real human dealer who is located at a dedicated studio or land-based casino and the action is brought to you from the site right to your screen in high-definition, real-time video streaming. When playing live dealer table games, you can interact with the dealer and sometimes also with other players at the table using a chat function.

Video Poker

Just about all video poker systems on the market now are five-card draw poker variants. However, the basic game is a five-card draw, and Jacks or Better is the version on which most modifications are applied to generate other versions. You are not playing against a dealer or another player in Video Poker.

Payouts are determined solely by a paytable, as seen on the machine. A pair of jacks or higher is the lowest winning hand. Basically, it is like a slot machine where the winning combinations are based on five-card draw poker hands.

Speciality Games

Speciality games are used by a lot of NFT casinos to group together NFT gambling games that don’t fall into any of the other categories listed above. Some of the games in this section are really one of a kind, and others are generally a variety of Bingo, Keno and other types of lottery games.

It is always worth checking out the speciality games section at any casino because you generally find creative titles which are fun to play and a great way to blow off some steam since these games offer something laid back and different from high-action, high-intensity slots and table games. These are a breath of fresh air.

Sports betting

Online NFT sports betting is a form of online gambling where the players bet on the results of sports events like football, cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, etc. Apart from being able to bet on who the outright winner of an event will be, players can choose from hundreds of different betting markets and bet on all sorts of things – which team will take the most corners and who will score the first goal?

Sports betting definitely involves some luck, but insightful players with a good understanding of a sport can use their knowledge to place informed bets and increase their chances of winning.

NFT Casino Experience

NFT casinos offer a very similar gaming experience to traditional online casinos except for the fact that they offer NFT-related features and many of them are decentralized. This has plenty of beneficial implications for all players. Every transition placed at such a casino is recorded in real time and can be independently verified by any node on the server, which is the kind of transparency everybody loves in online gaming.

For players who like to collect and turn over NFTs for a profit, winning NFTs by playing at NFT casinos could be a fantastic way to acquire an NFT instead of actually purchasing them directly from a marketplace.

Security, Licensing, and Provably Fair

While capitalizing on the popularity of NFTs, NFT casinos have essentially offered a more trackable and transparent manner of betting on games. A casino player may reap various benefits by playing at an NFT casino instead of a traditional online casino. NFT casinos make for games that are independently verifiable anywhere in the world. Furthermore, since such casinos are usually decentralized, they are inherently more credible too.

The online casino market currently, is no stranger to fraud and abuse. Many traditional online casinos have come under the scanner for defrauding their players and not paying out winnings. By using blockchain technology, the operations of the casino are shifted from one centralized authority into a decentralized system that is transparently viewable and verifiable to everyone on the network.

Staying Safe While Gambling in NFT Casinos

All the rules of basic internet safety apply to your NFT casino gaming sessions as well. Basically, most NFT casinos are decentralized and all game outcomes are verifiable which makes it easier to stay safe from fraud or rigging. However, you still need to be vigilant since there are various phishing scams that target all types of online casino players.

Make it a point to never share your NFT casino username and password with anyone else. Also, you must use a strong password that is secure so that basic password generators are not able to hack into your account and steal your NFTs or funds.

  • Check IconGame results at NFT casinos are inherently fair and anyone can verify the results
  • Check IconMost players at NFT casinos are into collecting or trading NFTs and this can be a great way to pick up low-cost NFTs
  • Check IconSome NFT casinos reward players with NFTs courtesy of promotions
  • Check IconMaking deposits using blockchain technology is faster, safer and usually cheaper
  • Close IconNot ideal for players who are not tech-savvy or quick to capture new ideas
  • Close IconSome Ethereum-based NFT transactions are almost as expensive as traditional fiat currency systems
  • Close IconIf players are not interested in NFTs, there isn’t much to gain from playing at an NFT casino.

Best NFT Casino Software Providers

There are several software providers that develop and supply games to online casinos. With the advent of blockchain technology and crypto tokens, many of these developers have started to focus on implementing these technologies to make their games appealing to tech-savvy players.

Some of the noteworthy developers that are making a mark at NFT casinos particularly include the following brands.

Play’n GO

Since its inception in 2004, Play'n GO has developed a diverse portfolio of nearly 100 top-notch games aimed at a wide range of markets. Play'n GO's games are mostly slot titles available around the world in multiple currencies and languages.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a software company that prioritizes convenience in terms of ease of play. Despite being a newcomer to the online casino sector, Pragmatic Play has successfully established itself as one of the industry's leading innovators. There are tons of Pragmatic Play slots which are favourites among online casino enthusiasts. Pragmatic Play also shines bright in the world of live dealer gaming, where they are pioneers along with Evolution gaming.

Other notable online casino game developers that are integrating NFT-friendly features into their latest games include NetEnt, Microgaming, BetSoft, Hacksaw Gaming and Red Tiger Games.

How to Choose an NFT Casino

  • Pick from our list: NFT casinos are on the rise, but they are still a niche category of online casinos when you look at the larger picture. With only a few of them to choose from at this time, and not many player reviews to go by, finding a trustworthy NFT casino needs a lot of effort. We have already tested every NFT casino listed on this page across various factors, including safety, fairness, game library, bonuses and more.

  • Game library: Unless you are okay with playing only a few limited games over and over again, you want to choose an NFT casino that has a great collection of games. When we say a great collection, we’re not only talking about the number of games featured but also the types of games, the providers that supply them, and RTP percentages.

  • Promotions: When selecting an NFT casino, do not get infatuated with the bonuses that the casino highlights and advertises. More often than not, the reality of how the bonus works and the various restrictions can only be comprehended by reading the terms and conditions thoroughly. Taking a bonus for face value is often a mistake and leads to frustration when it comes time to withdraw your funds.

  • Banking and Withdrawal Policy: Whether you want to use conventional payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, etc. or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. you want to confirm that the casino supports your preferred currency and wallet/payment method for both deposits and withdrawals.

  • Customer Support: Customer support is important at any website where you are playing for real money. The chance of facing situations where your transaction is stuck, or you are having some issues with a game, etc. are high and you will need help from the backend team at some point or the other. You want to choose an NFT casino that has a proven customer support team and has operational hours that overlap with your usual gaming hours.

NFT Casino Login

Logging in to your NFT casino account is very simple. Once you have signed up for an account, you should have configured a username and password that can be used to access your account from any PC or smartphone as long as you are connected to the internet.

  • To log in to your account,
  • Visit the NFT casino website from any supported device
  • Click or tap on the login button
  • Enter your email/username and password for authentication
  • You will now have access to your account
  • In case you have forgotten your account password, you can follow the ‘reset password’ link to reset your password and recover access to your account

FAQs about the Best NFT Casinos

What is an NFT casino?

At this time, there isn’t a definition set in stone that outlines what constitutes an NFT casino. Generally, when you see that a casino is referred to as an NFT casino, it could either mean that the casino has its own NFT marketplace, or that you can wager with NFTs instead of conventional money, or that you could stand to win NFTs in the form of game winnings or promotions.

Is NFT gambling legal?

This will entirely depend on where you live. If online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction, then gambling with NFTs should not be an issue either. You should also check your local laws regarding cryptocurrencies since this can directly affect your ability to buy, sell or gamble with NFTs.

Should you play at NFT casinos?

Are you someone interested in NFTs? Do you like the idea of owning a digital asset where your ownership is verifiable on the blockchain? Are you interested in winning or earning NFTs that you can then trade for profits? If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, you should certainly consider signing up with an NFT casino. However, if you are not particularly into NFTs, then you can reap most of the benefits of a decentralized NFT casino at any decentralized crypto casino.

Can you use NFTs as an-in game currency in NFT casinos?

Yes, but not every NFT casino allows this. To understand whether this feature is available at an NFT casino and for details on what types of NFTs are allowed for betting purposes, we recommend getting in touch with the customer support department for clear and actionable information.


At the moment, the gambling sector is extremely centralized, with off-shore casino operators playing with user funds. Several complaints have been lodged against online gambling enterprises for dubious and unfair conduct throughout the years.

Slow payments, players being defrauded of their gains, and operators abusing their authority over the system by rigging casino games have all been reported. These problems have plagued the online gambling industry for far too long, and if they are not solved quickly, the future could look bleak for the sector. Incorporating decentralized finance (NFTs, crypto) into the gaming market might be the answer that the sector so desperately needs.

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